Co-creation is about creating value that is worth more than what you can create alone


To understand a complex challenge like decreasing well-being, and creating the change opportunities needed, we must require collaborative and co-creational innovation - because change requires new connections to be made.  

These new connections enrich the process and understanding of well-being when the relevant actors share knowledge, resources, perspectives, and ideas to reach a common goal.

The TrivselsLab approach to co-creation demands that the institution take part in shaping the process to fit into their context. To achieve a holistic understanding one must look upon the connection between the parts to understand the challenge. Thus we invite diverse and relevant stakeholders, such as teachers, students, and study counselors to be actively involved in the process.

Our mission is to increase well-being amongst students in the Danish educational system


We live in a fast-changing world where we split things into parts to try to understand the whole. But well-being is impossible to separate from the context. Well-being is a condition for learning and learning is a condition for long-term well-being.
In TrivselsLab we perceive well-being in the light of wholeness and context where all the parts are interconnected. Where the decrease in students’ well-being is a symptom of an underlying structure and culture that has negatively affected the students.

Innovation is about acting and developing potential system-shifting activities


TrivselsLab leads people and institutions through ideation, testing, probing, and understanding complexity because when society faces a complex challenge it reinforces the importance of a social and innovative response. We focus on creating trust, psychological safety, mutual respect and we use facilitation to empower people and institutions to take action and innovate within their context.  Anyone  can innovate!

Sustainable leadership is building the capacity needed to sustain change


Let’s break it down: Leadership in itself is the capacity of human behavior to shape its future, and the processes focus on awakening the practitioner in all of us. Sustainable leadership is a mindset and practice of looking upon opportunities to lead more innovative and sustainable solutions in the future.

TrivselsLab facilitates a regenerative process for the individuals, institution, and collective to practice their leadership and grow which makes the participants capable of sustaining the change created.