Alright - let break it down!

TrivselsLab helps an educational institution with: 

  • Creating frames for understanding the complexity of well-being and identifying leverage points where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything.

  • Testing initiatives on well-being. Learning fast what works.

  • Build the capacity of the people within institutions to work with the complexity surrounding well-being

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Setting the right pre-condition for the process is essential for its outcome. It’s the foundation for starting a fruitful and effective collaboration. This part of the process is in collaboration with the educational institution and us. 

  • Craft a common guiding star for the process - setting the strategic direction

  • Scoping the well-being challenge by conducting interviews with students, teachers, or other relevant stakeholders to have a powerful challenge to discuss and unfold.

  • Finding the right people to take part in the following workshops. Those are the ones who have a stake in the specific challenge and they’re the experts of the challenge.

  • Finding resources for the project - physical space, money, food, people, as much freedom to experiment with the institutional structure as possible.

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The participants are gathered, to illuminate the challenge from various perspectives and create a sufficient picture of reality.  Cultivation of a curious mindset is at heart when investigating. We use questions to open up and share perspectives among participants. 
Unfolding events, patterns, underlying structures, and mental models provide the participants with a picture of the whole and a possibility to see its connectedness(e.g. Using the Iceberg Model). 
Next, the participants identify leverage points - where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything.

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The last part of the process is shifting the mindset from investigation to ideation and doing. 

Here we go through a loop where the participants 

  • come up with an idea

  • test it in the real world in between the workshops

  • Make sense of their findings together

  • iterate the idea

  • test the iterated idea

  • in the end, conclude what initiatives work in their context. 

In the last workshop, we evaluate the potential of the initiatives and facilitate conversation about how to strategically carry on the work - including figuring out how the institution wants to measure the effects of the initiatives.

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