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And changes the world

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Student level

During the TrivselsLab process, different contextual initiatives to increase the well-being of students will be created. The increase in well-being will be noticed by measurements agreed upon during the process (contextual initiatives need contextual measurements).
When students' well-being increases, the learning outcome often follows, they’ll also learn more. The capacity built from within increases productivity and decreases mental illness thus side effects impact the amount of money society spends on symptom treatment. Lastly, an ability to work with the more and more complex societal challenges we’re facing such as climate, equality, gender, technology, etc.


Institutional level

New relations, a handbook, and initiatives are a manifestation of a practice of 21st-century skills and a whole new approach to work with well-being that the institution has been a part of accomplishing. An approach that also can be used to address other complex challenges the institution will face in the future. A future where the focus on well-being in the institutions only will grow bigger.

Trying to understand others to be better able to succeed in professional collaborations across hierarchies, relationships and patterns create a compassionate working culture that ripples out to the larger institution and opens eyes for new possibilities that were not visible before.

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