... a response to students' critically decreasing well-being and a higher demand for institutions to navigate and act in the complexity of well-being.
TrivselsLab offers a facilitated co-creational change process with the aim of investigating and developing sustainable and preventive initiatives to increase students’ well-being in the context of a specific institution. The goal of the process is to co-create long-lasting embedded solutions that’ll support better mental health practices.

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The 4 core elements are our unique approach when working with institutions on increasing well-being. The elements consist of Co-creation, Trivsel, Sustainable Leadership, and Innovation.



How we bring perspectives together and create change

Now knowing about the 4 core elements, at the heart of TrivselsLab and what we design from, we would like to introduce you to the agile “TrivselsLab” process. 

The process has 3 phases:

Preconditions: the phase previous to the workshop where we scope the challenge

Co-investigation: unfolding the various perspectives on the challenge

Action: co-creating initiatives to shift the challenge

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The process just introduced isn't a fixed structure. The strength of this concept is its agility.
TrivselsLab’s work is not about conveying concrete tools or methods, it’s about evolving a mindset shift. We work on multiple levels to create holistic, powerful, and sustainable change.