Since the start of TrivselsLab in January 2020, we have supported our amazing partner-schools with running processes that empower them to understand what the root causes are that drive well-being, and identify opportunity areas that fit each theirs specific resources and needs.



What were Erhvervsakademien Aarhus’s (EAAA’s) needs and goals?

Erhvervsakademien Aarhus, with over 5000 full-time students and 400 employees, is a school of applied sciences. They are focusing on letting the student’s practicing their own personal leadership and self-awareness in close collaboration with the business industry related to their own program. When Covid-19 hit the world, a huge amount of pressure has been put on students all over the world and has lead to challenges in regards to their well-being and growth (among other things). Therefore EAAA defined a need to investigate and find new ways to empower the students’ at their school, to support their growth and well-being during, and after, the pandemic.

How did we support and contribute to their goals?

We worked closely with selected members of EAAA to co-create a tailormade 5-sessions process (á 2 hours per session) which supported their needs and the wish to realize their two goals:

  1. Investigate what well-being is, and what it means for their students.

  2. Identifying opportunity areas and ideating on solutions together that have the potential to increase the well-being of students at EAAA.

Each 2-hour session was led by the team behind TrivselsLab, and the participants of the process were students and staff members from EAAA and also other institutions, psychologists, entrepreneurs, facilitators, and people from the Ministry of Education in Denmark. The first two sessions focused on understanding the system by using Systems Thinking frameworks like the iceberg-model, while the two sessions after that were focusing more on ideation and prototyping of solutions by using a mix of Design Sprint and Design Thinking tools. And at the fifth (and final) session we reflected on the process and the ideas that came out of that, but also what the participants have gained from the process.

What was the outcome?
The participants created a map of the EAAA system, they identified opportunity areas and found two ideas that they tested (and validated). These two ideas were (1) a mindset symposium - letting the new students at EAAA to go through an experience of the mindset shift when starting the school, and (2) to develop a task force that focuses on group work and how they, with the latest science, can help teachers to support their students better in how they execute group work and working more effectively together.

“What I valued the most was the good discussions along the way.” - Lab Participant from EAAA

“I have now gained a completely different understanding of what “trivsel” means and how important it is to talk about it and work with it” - Lab Participant evaluating after the fifth and final session.

“This is something new - and I am looking forward to the next time!” - Lab Participant after the first session

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